Why the New Mac Pro is Making a Statement

Apple Mac ProThe new look of the Mac Pro is the difference between the shape of a cheese grater and a stack of chocolate-filled Oreo cookies. Mac’s top-of-the-line workstation for power users follows close on the heels of its latest Mavericks operating system.

Mac has abandoned the silver tower in favor of the black cylinder to house its new desktop Mac Pro. Apple’s newest high-end platform is not a giant leap forward in technology; however, from the perspective of Apple business consultants, it does have some attractive features that combine power with power savings.

  1. Size, shape and weight: As previously mentioned, the new Mac Pro is just as capable as its predecessor, but just 9.9 inches tall, 6.6 inches in diameter and weighing only 11 pounds.
  2. Power, RAM and plug-in receptacles: Still at the high end of power computers, its Quad-Core model packs a 3.7GHz processor, comes with 12 gigabytes of RAM (upgradeable to 16 gigs) and ample receptacles for USB3 and Thunderbolt ports.
  3. Storage: The user-accessible hard drive comes off the shelf with 256 gigabytes and is configurable to 512 Gigabytes or 1 Terabyte.
  4. Wireless: Comes with Wi-Fi 802.11ac for wireless networking as well as Bluetooth 4.0.
  5. Display ports: Look for dual AMD graphics processors with power to spare where it counts most: on your computer screen.

The New Mac Pro, while still at the high end, is able to use an innovative heatsink design to run cool and quiet with power-efficiency. Specifically:

  1. Its components are designed to use less than half the ENERGY STAR limits for computers.
  2. The new Mac Pro uses 68% less power than its predecessor when at idle.
  3. The ultracompact design and packaging is an industry leader in material efficiency. Its lighter weight and “material footprint” mean less energy consumed during production and maximum shipping efficiency.
  4. The Mac Pro enclosure and core are made mostly of aluminum and copper, the materials recyclers covet most.

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