The Low-Down on Apple’s iBeacon & Who’s Already Using It

For those new to the concept of iBeacon, they soon won’t be. Apple’s iBeacon is currently poised to completely revolutionize how people shop and navigate retail locations and other areas. Using cutting-edge technology, iBeacon employs the use of Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE, to communicate between capable devices to customize the user’s experience.

The Low-Down

Think of iBeacon as in “indoor GPS system,” though it can be enabled outdoors as well. In addition, iBeacon is not limited by satellite connection like traditional GPS, since it operates solely on BLE technology. BLE allows iBeacon to locate, connect, and communicate with other enabled devices such as a retailer’s POS system or another individual’s smartphone or tablet.

Once iBeacon recognizes a compatible device, it can pinpoint the device’s location. Once the connection has been established, the iBeacon can provide information such as how far away the other device is, provide the user with messages stored on the opposite device such as sales and specials, and enable actions such as purchase information and payment transfer.

The rise in popularity within the retail market has prompted Apple to begin providing “beacons” that will work with a variety of devices at an affordable price. In short, a small investment could provide your business with a viable, profit increasing tool. Think traditional impulse buy tactics – multiplied.

Who’s Already Using It?

As of this week, over 150 grocery stores across the U.S. have implemented iBeacon enabled systems throughout their stores. Safe Way stores have found success using iBeacon to provide coupons for items customers are interested in. They have stated they will eventually use the iBeacon to do deep market research. When iBeacon is enabled in the store, analysts will be able to see which isles were passed up the most, what products were impulse buys, and areas of the store prompt customers to linger. When choosing a consulting firm to implement a solution like iBeacon, be sure to establish whether or not the firm is Apple Mobility Certified.

The MLB has begun using iBeacon to allow stadium visitors to quickly check in. The app also allows users to view videos related to their location, access coupons and discounts, and review ticket availability.

Macys stores in both San Francisco and New York have recently began using iBeacon for checkout, coupon and discount codes, and product information.

If you are interested in iBeacon for your business, contact the experts with 101 Digital. They can help you discover all that iBeacon has to offer and how it can benefit your organization.