Look for Apple Mobility Certified Consultants for Your Mobile Productivity Needs

Let’s face it, it’s a mobile world we’re living in today. Nothing made me realize this more than the day I realized my four year old niece was effortlessly navigating our IPad to load the PBS Kids app, queue up the television show, “Daniel Tiger”, and watch as many episodes as her four year old attention span would allow (not that many, but still my point is made).

IPads, IPhones, and MacBook Airs all weigh in at less than three pounds, yet offer an immeasurable amount of productivity and value in very small and cleverly designed mobile packages. This is definitely evident in our personal lives, but it’s also become increasingly evident now in the business world. Mobility has become a key aspect to almost every business, large and small. The technology itself is awesome; lots of power in very small, portable packages. You can take your business with you everywhere from the local Starbucks to the airport while traveling for an important meeting. But how do you use that power most effectively for your business? Let’s say that like so many people, you’ve decided you are hooked on your IPad, IPhone or your Macbook at home, and now you’ve decided to integrate those wonderful mobile devices into your business. How do you now get the best return on that investment (ROI)? Good news: fully trained, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and certified help is available.

If your business is serious about having all the advantages and value that comes along with making full use of the innovative and user-friendly mobile products from Apple, you should seek the services of an IT consultant that is Apple Mobility Certified. This is an accreditation provided by Apple that is given to consultants who passed the exam for Apple Certified Specialist: Security and Mobility. The end result is a not only a consultant who can help your business with all your Macbook, IPad, and IPhone needs, but can also configure the Mac OS X Server to provide secure access to your private network and allow select mobile devices a controlled level of access to its network’s internal services.

Effective mobile solutions today involve complete monitoring and management for all your mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and Macbooks. 101 Digital, Inc. is a group of highly-skilled consultants that can assist your business with mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) services to give you the same worry-free IT experience that our other managed solutions offer. This is a solution that will allow your employees to make full use of their IPhones, IPads, and Macbooks on the go without any increased security risk. Mobile technology can give your business many advantages, but you need to make sure those advantages are conducted in a safe and secure manner. We can help.

101 Digital, Inc. provides IT solutions for small businesses. We are 100% Apple Mobility Certified and would love the opportunity to speak with you about your Apple-related mobile business needs. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!